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About Dr. Cooper

Hilary Cooper, Ph.D. started her career over thirty years ago working in underserved communities in New York City with families impacted by HIV/AIDS, sexual abuse, trauma and social-emotional challenges at Bellevue Medical Center, Mount Sinai Hospital, Weill Cornell Medical Center, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, and The Therapeutic Nursery School and Autistic In-Patient Unit at NYU Medical Center. Despite the dire circumstances of these families, Dr. Cooper’s passionate belief in the resilience of the human spirit and the power of therapy was galvanized through these experiences and remains the bedrock of her work today.

Hilary assists patients both virtually and in her practice, Clear Mind Psychology, located in Rye, NY.




Trust is everything in treatment. Play, art, blocks, and games are all a part of establishing a relationship with a child. These activities often provide the safest context for self expression in childhood. Children like to feel accomplished and proud. Dr. Cooper helps children develop a “tool box” of skills to help children handle anxiety, fears, distraction, and sadness outside of the therapist’s office.

Adolescents And Young Adults:

The world has changed dramatically in the past two decades. The relationships of adolescents and young adults are complicated by social media. This generation of young adults is confronted with academic, social, and economic pressures that are unique and unprecedented. Dr. Cooper helps adolescents and young adults navigate the precarious transition from childhood to adulthood. She provides a safe haven for worrisome thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


Dr. Cooper is also well versed in psychotherapy for adults. Individuals come for therapy for a variety of reasons including difficulty in relationships, depression, anxiety, and general dissatisfaction. Typically, Dr. Cooper sees adults once a week in a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere where change and insight are encouraged.


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